In Deep Time, 2

I have nothing to add to this. It’s all here:

Susan Irene Fox

The Inchoateness of Being

Unfinished Woman.Leonardo Da Vinci

[T]his slow process of transformation and the realizations that came with it were not either-or decisions; they were great big both-and realizations. None of it happened without much prayer, self-doubt, study and conversation, but the journey itself led me to a deepening sense of what the church calls holiness, what Americans call freedom. Richard Rohr1

Last week, in my post In Deep Time, I wrote about the distinction I have come to between black-and-white thinking (dualistic) and thinking in shades of gray (contemplative). Dualistic thinking assumes I am whole and complete, that I am confident enough in my understanding of the gospel to represent God, therefore I am capable of dividing who is “in” and who is “out.”

Yet I have been told by an apostle of Jesus that He continues to mature me during…

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