The Knitted Doll

I seem to fluctuate between a sense of God as ‘all of it’ and then a few moments later I am aware of a yearning to be closer or more drawn in…or drawn out. My fluctuations in appreciation are as subtle as breathing.

Somewhere in my distant past I heard an analogy of God to being like a knitted doll. Prior to creation of the material universe, there was just God. God wanted to experience His love so He unraveled part of Himself and re-knit it into creation. As such, creation is still of God, is made of God material, and is always connected to God…but there is still more to God than just the creation part. Perhaps our yearning comes from being aware of the space introduced in the knitting, and peace comes when we are more aware of the yarn.

And the greatest peace comes when drawn back into the bulk of God.

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