Brilliance of the Human Condition

Last year, I learned that all of the loss I’ve experienced in the past 10-15 years has put me in a good starting position to adopt Jesus’ kenotic path…enough to follow Him much closer than I could have before.

This year, I’m learning that it has been through the numerous heart breaks throughout my life that I have received Divine Mercy…through the sacrament of tears…mercy that I am then able to release into the world.

The practice of Centering Prayer has trained me to be better able to keep the conduit open …the conduit through which mercy flows out into the world and to other people; if I can keep my own ‘self’ silenced, G-d’s love flows through me unencumbered.

But here’s the paradox: the more rich and textured my life with interests, complexes, and diverse interactions, the more of this world G-d’s mercy is able to reach through me.

Ideally, we spend the first half of our lives establishing connections and a sphere of influence, and the second half enduring the tearing down of the ego structures that motivated and enabled us to do that. The tearing down not only gets our ‘selves’ out of the way, the tearing down also breaks our hearts which allows the love and mercy to flow out.


It’s flippin brilliant.

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