The Last Amendment

I have the right to love you and you cannot stop me.

This applies to enemies as well as family members.

A beloved family member has chosen to declare that I am no longer a part of his life.  I understand why.  It stems from his very early childhood … a time that was overwhelming and unfortunate for all of us.  Because of circumstances, I did not mother-up as a mother should.

Research in early childhood development has documented that inadequate physical contact and emotional closeness and interaction during the earliest times of a child’s life will make an impression deep within the emotional centers of the brain described as an underlying anger and rage which surfaces in a number of unhealthy ways.

It is taught that this area seals off and the damage is not reachable for treatment.

bull shit.

Now, some people who believe in healing prayer will not pray for a person without their consent.  Not me…and not when it has to do with damage I am responsible for. No one can stop me from loving, praying for, and entrusting a loved one to God’s healing.  It is my right and privilege.

And while I am at it, I am exercising my right to love others, especially those I don’t like, and whether they try to block me or not.  I will bust through my dislike of them … and plow right into love … to pray for the healing of … whatever… experienced by those people.  Try and stop me.

(I borrowed the image “evil-trump-face-ap-img” from  They can have it back, now.)

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