Here’s some of what I’m hearing . . .

Arguing your point is not nearly as effective as enabling them to hear the truth for themselves; Expend your energy helping them to clean out their ears.

Why do we fear that the truth they will hear is something we need to control?

It doesn’t matter what school of thought you hail from; what matters is that you stay enrolled and active.

When the 1% have moved on to settlements on Mars and beyond and the rest of us have inherited the earth, we will reveal the Kingdom of Heaven from within.  With this new earth and this new heaven, we will declare that Christ has been here all along.

You keep moving forward and leave those others behind, the ones who refuse to get up and walk, the ones who don’t want to be well.

It matters not how you came to be at this place; you are here.  What matters is what you are going to do right now.

Looking back at where you’ve been is useful for navigation in sailing, and can be useful to get a sense of where you are going in life. But the evolution of consciousness and the demands of this world are accelerating and that means of navigation does not work very well in a speed boat.

Lord, give us please, bread for the moment.

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