Where is the Love?

I have been participating in a conversation…sort of.  There is one group who is in the process of defining ‘who they are’ by defining their tenets (principles, beliefs, doctrine, …) especially the origins of their beliefs…where they are from.  This ‘conversation’ has been taking place online which means one never knows who is listening…who else is in the room.

The only other participant conversing (other than myself) had much to say in criticism of the beliefs of this group…particularly the beliefs of the one initiating the conversation.  The one initiating the conversation wasn’t conversing.  The critic had much to say and this morning’s Lenten message from Richard Rohr (excerpted in the image above) has an insight for him and for the group.

I see this all the time: people throwing hate bombs and opinion grenades at each other on platforms designed to foster this type of detached attack.  The moment we pick up a weapon that can be thrown or launched from a safe distance, we stop being ‘fellow’ human beings.  There is nothing wrong with challenge, struggle, and disagreement but that is not what we are doing.

There is a principle often utilized by this group I mentioned above, called the Law of Three.  Essentially, when there is a struggle between two entities, a third entity can interact in some way which transforms the struggle into a resolution that doesn’t just settle things, it raises the whole matter to a better place, entirely.  It’s a beautiful concept and beautiful to watch…but it requires proximity or at least engagement.

Where is the love?

By the way group, when you avoid interacting with someone railing at your door, you are still lobbing a weapon from ‘the high road,’ and worse, you are refusing to act on a God-given opportunity to resolve the situation and advance civilization…even if only a little bit.

Also, (and I’m not there yet…)

“As for human approval, this means nothing to me…. How can people like you believe, when you look to one another for validation, and are not concerned with the validation that comes from the one God?”

That’s from John.


(The image is a photo from Richard Rohr’s Wondrous Encounters – Scriptures for Lent.)

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