On Fire at the Big Dance

I watched the second half of two NCAA Tournament games last night.  The commentators will tell you what they saw.  This is what I saw.

UMBC was not playing the first game of their agenda; they were 100% Present.  Sorry, I’m mixing my metaphors but they both apply.  Virginia players couldn’t understand why things weren’t playing out the way they were supposed to.  But the coach saw it.  It was the magic…the joy in the UMBC player’s faces, the confidence in their moves.  They were on fire.  They Knew what was happening and ran with it.  No doubts; no second guessing.

It happens; I’ve seen it before.  But there’s a life lesson to be learned in this: when you know you have the ‘go ahead,’ you run with it; you play it out.  And the Joy transmitted through that moment feeds and blesses everyone around you.  That’s Grace.

The Virginia coach said after the game that they got their butts whooped, or something like that, but I saw the shine in his eyes when he saw during the game what was going down.  It was beautiful to behold.


The other game I watched was of my alma mater, The College of Charleston.  Such a different game from the UMBC/Virginia game.  I must have missed something significant because when I tuned in, the game was close and stayed close, but the Charleston players looked uncertain, if not defeated, for the remainder of the game.  Perhaps someone who saw the whole game can tell me why.  The College answered Auburn, score after score so why did they look so uncertain?  Is it because they had made so many turnovers that they were feeling bad about themselves, and focusing on that, rather than moving on?

Again, with the life lesson:  You make mistakes.  You ‘turn the ball over.’  Making self judgements is for another time; when you are in the middle of game play, you self-correct and go to the next play.  That’s why all the practice time: so that when you are in the middle of the game, self-correction is quick and automatic, but you keep your focus on the right now…

…you keep your focus on right now….not the Final Four game or that last turn-over.  Right now.

Feel the Fire.

Congratulations to the Retrievers.  Keep it in the right now…and run with it.


(I borrowed the picture of the Retriever in motion from segerios.com)


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