Midnight thoughts of a friend

The idea of God as a divine therapist, actively at work not only to save our souls, but to heal us so that we can come into a place of flourishing is one that resonates strongly with me.

In today’s reading (on Centering Prayer), the theme of purity of heart appeared several times. Is this what we are moving toward as our hurts are healed and our interior junk is jettisoned? It would be easy to think this was “all about me” if I didn’t have an inkling that this whole process of divine therapy is actually building compassion within me. It is gradually freeing me to love others more deeply and genuinely, as Christ does. As Fr. Keating says, it is revealing the divine image which has been within us all along.

How much better an ambassador for God’s kingdom will I be as I continue down this path?

– Sister Grace

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