A modern day psalm

I was fortified.
I consciously followed Jesus as my Pattern,
I practiced the presence of God,
I knew kenosis, self emptying…but,

I was stunned silent. Devastated.
I was knocked off my feet. Discombobulated!
I was unprepared for the cruelty and jealousy
In a ‘religious’ enemy of my soul.

I was condemned and falsely accused.
I was battered and broken.
I was shattered and shamed.
All that was good in me, was evil.

I ran to You, O Lord in my demise.
Show me the Way!
You freed me from all false outer authority
And took me under Your Wing.

All good things opened to me,
But the wounds needed to be healed.
All through the desert of lessons,
I returned to the Oasis of Your Love.

I emptied the fear and anger, layer by layer.
I emptied the shame and grief in torrents of tears.
I was not able to say, at the point of suffering
‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

By the sheer bounty of Your tender Grace,
By and by, I embraced my accuser with forgiveness,
Knowing this learning experience
Brought me closer to You!

— Elizabeth (of the group)

I would only add or change the last line: “Living this daily experience is what You have called me to.”

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