Quantum Kenosis — Perpetual Subatomic Death and Resurrection

I’m reading Lynn McTaggart’s book The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. I haven’t studied physics since 1979. I have ‘studied’ mostly psychological healing and spirituality, primarily for my own survival but with an underlying belief that I was to eventually use what I learn to help other people…either by healing them directly or by teaching them how to heal themselves. I have reached an understanding of kenosis (letting things go) to the point where I can now return to physics and take kenosis into the quantum age.

Lynn taught me about the Zero-Point Field or the sea of potential that exists in what I had previously believed was the empty space between everything. That ’empty’ space is not empty but in fact, is like a home base for all of our particles, where particles ‘go’ to debrief, recover, and get their new assignments…all the time, as we “live, move, and have our being.”

My particles (and yours, too) don’t actually ‘go’ anywhere as much as they release and return right where they are because this Field is everywhere, permeating all of my cells, thoughts, energy,… (Sounds like Christ living in me and my living in Christ; that similarity is not a coincidence. That’s exactly what it is.) This process happens all the time but when I am focused on projects or remembering hurts or intent on vengeance or even joy, I have an influence on the process: my will.

I have learned that my will, which I am free to intend however I wish, is not always directed toward the best option; I sometimes will events and efforts that are driven by resentments, anger, envy, or selfishness. Two ‘wills’ that I can usually count on to be of ‘good will’ are healing and seeing the truth in something I’m dealing with. If I could make a request to God, it would be for me to see the truth and to heal my thoughts, emotions, and body so that I might bring more love and healing into the world instead of perpetuating my wounds.

When I pray without words (basic silent meditation), I am letting go (releasing my attachments to memories, energies, ideas) and giving my consent for all of my subatomic particles (matter and thought energies) to relax into ‘the zero-point-field’ (or Christ) for de-briefing (because what I have learned from experiences gets ‘uploaded’ and informs and influences the zero-point-field; yes, my experiences bring information to Christ to be used to further our world) and to receive new instructions that direct my physical growth and influence my thoughts.  This is how I get new insights and expand in awareness. It is also how I heal physically.

Yesterday, I was presented with an ‘opportunity’ to read through some tweets that were full of hate and violent intentions; I would say they were empowered by evil. They impacted me and I, without intention, absorbed them like a sponge of that destructive energy. I became deeply sad and reflected on Richard Rohr’s meditation on the scapegoat.  By the time I went to bed, I felt the only possible good I could do in this ‘dark and broken world’ would be to take on this darkness like a scapegoat and wander out into the wilderness somehow so it would die with me.

(Jesus did that once. It was meant to be the last time a scapegoat would be needed.)

I woke this morning still ready and willing to function as a scapegoat to lessen the amount of evil energy around me but it didn’t seem like it would have any more impact on the amount of darkness, violent hate, and nasty vindictiveness than a drip of mist to the dark deep ocean…unless I can share this idea with others and the process grows. We’ll see if that happens.

I will go out into the world doing my normal everyday things, and as I encounter bad attitudes and mean spirited people, I will intentionally soak up that discordant evil energy and then later, in silent meditation, I will release myself (all of my subatomic particles that have been influenced and affected) to inform the ‘powers that be,’ be healed (rearranged, realigned, and prepared for further service) and return to the ‘world’ with a ‘what’s next’ assignment.

Like a spiritual sponge, I will soak up the nasty water, squeeze it out into the healing waters of heaven, rinse and repeat. Then I will return fresh and clean to soak up more nasty. Like spring cleaning for the attitudes of mankind.

This is a resurrection… a sustainable resurrection.


Thanks be to God and to God be the Glory; He gives me these insights.

(The photo above was taken by my son while we were on a cruise. I love him.)

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