Let it go

Woman, why do you weep?

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

“Good Friday is such a sad day, all loss and cruelty, and you have to go on faith that the light shines in the darkness…”

Designated days are a good thing. Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day…they are important days because, without such designated days, most Americans would go their entire lives without pausing to acknowledge friends, family members, neighbors, and strangers who have dedicated their careers, limbs, and lives to protect us and sometimes the world, from harm.

Good Friday is a designated day for crucifixion…

On the Day of Atonement, a priest laid hands on an “escaping” goat, placing all the sins of the Jewish people from the previous year onto the animal. The goat was then beaten with reeds and thorns and driven out into the desert. It was a vividly symbolic act that helped to unite and free people in the short term. Instead of owning their sins, this ritual allows people to export them elsewhere—in this case onto an innocent animal.

“Stop blaming everyone else! This is on you. You made the mistake; You failed.  Own it!”

Jesus takes away the sin of the world by exposing the real sin of the world: ignorant violence and the usual patterns of revenge. Jesus returned their curses with blessings.

We can do the same.

The message of the cross is how to hold the pain and let it transform us, rather than pass it on to others around us.

Good Friday is a designated day for us to buy-in to crucifixion for ourselves. The hanging on the cross…the execution, the killing of ‘self,’ …the parts of us that obstruct the full embodiment of Christ in ourselves.

What died on the cross was the self of the man Jesus

What’s left, what remains, is eternal:  it never dies.

That is how we ‘get’ eternal life; we achieve eternal life by chucking everything else…everything that we can’t take with us.

Only Love is real

…that whosoever believes in Him should have eternal life

It is the eternal, the love in you, that believes in Jesus. When the love in you recognizes the love in Him, it’s like “Hey, I know You!”

The Love in Me sees the Love in You
Love never dies.

Let all the rest go…hang it up

On the cross…


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