A note to Kathy

Kathy, if you could wrap your mind around one concept: You (and every other thing) exists because God is thinking all of it into being. Christ is the manifestation of God’s thoughts…the Father’s begotten Son. We are God’s chosen thoughts…all the time. Every moment. God isn’t an apparition to be revealed to you; you are the apparition that God is creating…intentionally. And God chooses to keep thinking you from one moment to the next. (“And it was good.”) You don’t have to look for God; God is looking for Himself thru your eyes. So when you recognize God in someone else, it is your Christ-ness that is recognizing an extension of that same Christ-ness in someone else. When you recognize you are aware of this one-ness, try to prolong it or extend it or just nurture it. Trust that you are being drawn along to become more and more aware of it.

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