“Your Mother is Deranged!”

There is no reason...and no room...for the two parents of any family to discredit or attempt to destroy each other; that's stupid.


Today, I’m hearing….

To define an exact location, measurements are made from 3 known positions.  To make a point, one sometimes has to come at it from 3 directions, or give it three tries . . .but do so with patience.  It's triangulation...not strangulation. When you're given the go-ahead, you have to run with it. Judgement and analysis …

Where is the Love?

I have been participating in a conversation...sort of.  There is one group who is in the process of defining 'who they are' by defining their tenets (principles, beliefs, doctrine, ...) especially the origins of their beliefs...where they are from.  This 'conversation' has been taking place online which means one never knows who is listening...who else …