Divine Mercy

To have one's heart broken and to chose to continue to love anyway, opens one's heart to Divine Mercy, and possibly the transmission of that mercy to others.  This is the Sacrament of Tears, as I understand it.


Brilliance of the Human Condition

Last year, I learned that all of the loss I've experienced in the past 10-15 years has put me in a good starting position to adopt Jesus' kenotic path...enough to follow Him much closer than I could have before. This year, I'm learning that it has been through the numerous heart breaks throughout my life …

Blessed are the Peacemakers

"(T)he peace Jesus speaks of—Pax Christi, the peace of Christ—waits and works for true peace by sacrificing the false self of power, prestige, and possessions. Such peacemaking will never be popular. The follower of Jesus is doomed to minority status." - Richard Rohr   (I have borrowed the image above from peace.maripo.com)