Great grace was upon them all

This morning I have combined Lectio Divina with my Centering Prayer practice.  This first reading of this morning’s lectionary is describing the harmonious life among the early believers after Jesus’ resurrection. It is from the Book of Acts.  “They were of one heart and one soul and they had all things in common…nor was there …


I asked for this suffering

A dear friend sent me a message this morning, "Oh, Catherine! You are amazing to keep on going. It is such a mystery why the suffering isn't shared around more evenly. You inspire me." Bless her. This is what I have come to understand, and my belief is supported by my experience... and more so …

Blessed are the Peacemakers

"(T)he peace Jesus speaks of—Pax Christi, the peace of Christ—waits and works for true peace by sacrificing the false self of power, prestige, and possessions. Such peacemaking will never be popular. The follower of Jesus is doomed to minority status." - Richard Rohr   (I have borrowed the image above from